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With the right tools, any business, no matter the size, can extract actionable value out of social engagement, content curation, and analytics in our single software solution. DGTLsuite centralizes your digital marketing activity to help you save time and gain priceless information

A Cost-Effective Solution:
DGTLsuite Grows With You

Get the most out of your investment with DGTLsuite, where your subscription is scalable and tailored to your business’s individual needs and budget. Our single-software approach saves significant time and money by streamlining workflows that typically take complex coordination among multiple departments and teams.
DGTLsuite can be used with or without our team. This means that whether you team up with us, take your digital marketing in-house, or a combination of both, our DGTLsuite provides the solution you need when you need it.

Our Hands - On Process

Your DGTL Create Management Platform

Seamless content curation, planning, revisions, scheduling, and publishing.

Plan your content calendar and marketing campaigns with ease across all digital channels

With content grouping, you’re able to see your comprehensive content plan across multiple profiles, networks, and platforms to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Stay on top of timelines and multiple teams

Create keeps your project on time from start to finish by allowing you to set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and assign responsibilities to every team member.

Quickly schedule content for all social media platforms

Skip the need for multiple tools for each of the social media platforms. Schedule your curated content for every social media platform in one place using Create.

Utilize the built-in content library

Create’s built-in content library makes it simple for your team to design, organize, edit, and publish any media from one central location.

Your DGTL Engage Management Platform

Provide streamlined digital customer service and keep an eye on your customer interactions with DGTL Engage

Use a unified inbox to provide customer support on all digital channels

Consolidate all incoming digital inquiries into a unified inbox to easily provide support to every customer on every channel.

Track user data from previous interactions

Engage’s integrated knowledge management system allows you to track user data from previous public and private messages to enhance your customer support efforts.

Enable response protocols for team guidance

Engage’s response protocols allow you to set response guidelines to ensure your team’s responses are exactly what you would say yourself.

Use custom data tracking to build customer profiles

Take advantage of custom data tracking with adjustable fields, sentiment scores, and keyword tags to curate digital customer profiles.

Your DGTL Analyze

The inbound and outbound analytics you need all in one place with DGTL Analyze

Consolidate all relevant data across every social platform and digital channels

Whether you are looking for KPI metrics or inbound messaging stats, they are funneled into one location using Analyze.

Track customized metrics using multiple dashboards

Analyze’s multiple dashboards allow you to easily track the data points that are crucial to your individual business to drive strategic decision-making.

Stay in tune with your digital audience

Keep up-to-date with your online audience by monitoring social media post metrics and your digital audience’s activity trends.

Your DGTL Account Management Portal

Manage billing, subscriptions, preferences, notifications, and social accounts all in one place with DGTL Account

Use a single login to access any aspect of DGTLsuite

Keeping up with multiple passwords is frustrating. Get unified access to all features of the entire DGTLsuite with a single login.

Organize the responsibilities of team members

Set specific permissions and account visibility settings for individual users depending on their role in your team using Account.

Simplify the logistics of multiple brands and locations

Account offers easy sub-client management to maintain standards across several brands, locations, or social media pages under one parent company. Quickly add any new sub-clients as you grow.

Who We Help

We understand that every company has its own values, workflows, and goals. These specific
challenges require specific solutions. Take a peek at how our individualized approach has
solved a few unique challenges.

Case Study

Craft Brewery

Craft brewery exceeds high “hops” with brand development and digital strategy.

Case Study

QSR & Food Truck

See how this Texas franchise’s food truck grew their brand awareness rapidly online with DGTL Agency.

Case Study

Startup Technology Company

See how this starup venture grew their brand awareness on and offline at scale

Case Study

Specialty Medical Practice

Prescribing digital strategies for medical practice gain quantitative results.

Case Study

Auto Dealership

Driving their brand forward with a traditional and digital transformation rollout.

Case Study

CBD Brand

Developing a male-focused CBD brand and putting it on a high note.

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